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Why Your Business NEEDS A Copywriter

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

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Owning a business, large or small is A TASK - trust me, I know.

There are so many things to keep track of like finances, social media, appointments or purchases, client outreach, keeping your website up to date….

WAIT. There are people who can TOTALLY help you with some of this.

In walks a meek, introverted, yet committed copywriter ready to catapult your business with magic.

The magic of keyword research, integration, SEO, and killer copy of course.

The fact that copywriting is a job on its own proves that it’s a lot of work, and probably something you as a business owner DO NOT have time for.

But let me tell you… if you have a high bounce rate, low Google search rating, and you just can’t figure out why digitally you’re just STUCK, it’s because… wait for the shock of your life… you need a copywriter.

You're losing people without catchy taglines, effective Calls to Action, and optimal layouts for usability. They are jumping ship in search of a brand or business that gets them what they need and understands them IMMEDIATELY. Because as we all know - we need things RIGHT NOW these days.

Still not sold? Here are a bunch of reasons why investing in a copywriter - even just one initial audit and update will do your business wonders:

  • Increase web traffic: If people can’t find your candle shop in Cleveland by searching “candles cleveland”, then you have some work to do. A copywriter researches keywords (what people are searching), why competitors are doing better than you, and rewrites and organizes your copy to make sure you’re found.

  • Improve User Experience: If I can’t got to your website and immediately find who you are and why I need your product or service, I'm gone. The basic layout of your site is a crucial part of copywriting. You could have excellent copy, but no one can find it if it's disorganized! A copywriter writes your copy with it’s site location and place in the sales funnel in mind.

  • Share Your Story: It’s no secret that most of us don’t like talking about ourselves - it’s hard to talk about our story without feeling like we’re bragging or full of ourselves. But that’s what people connect to - you and why you started your business. Running a business is hard work, no one does it “just because” so share your WHY! A copywriter will be able to see you and your story from the outside and pick out the pieces that will truly connect to your audience and pull them in.

  • Boost Engagement: The whole purpose of your website is to grow an audience of customers or clients. If you aren’t getting appointments made, products purchased, newsletter subscriptions, then your site isn’t doing its job. A copywriter will ensure your copy has the proper CTA’s, links and buttons to get your visitors where they need to go within your site, like your appointment form or product page.

As a business owner, your job is to make sure you’re bringing in more than your spending and finances are obviously a HUGE piece of the puzzle - the largest piece.

But to succeed, you also need to invest in your business, and copywriting is a MUST HAVE for starting out or just a refresh. I promise you’ll see the results!

Ready to take the plunge? Let's chat :)


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