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How Solid Branding Makes You More Money

A lot of business owners feel branding is a luxury. That it isn't something they NEED or have to spend money on to be successful. These are probably the same people that think branding is just a logo.

As a business owner, it's your job to effectively communicate what it is you offer with messaging and visuals. You want to catch their eye, reel them in, and make them feel like they've found everything they're looking for.

The only way to do this is through branding. The only way to attract and keep customers is through branding. The best way to make money - you guessed it - effective branding.

If you still aren't convinced that a branding process is what your business needs, let's name the ways spending the time and money on your brand is crucial to your monetary success:

Establishes Credibility

Take a look at these two logos. Which place are you more likely to trust with your kids? The ones who have spent the time and invested in their brand so that parents trust them - that's the one.

Wins customers over a lesser-branded competitor

Now imagine these two kid play businesses are in the same area. If you had to choose between the two, the winner is obvious, which really sucks for Wacky Tacky.

Connects through your tone (they feel like they’re talking to a friend)

Your messaging is your way of communicating the details to your audience in a way that keeps them interested and trusting you in you. The way you speak to your friends affects your relationship, right? Well the way you speak to your audience affects their impression of you, and could make you money, or cause someone to click away.

They’ll be more likely to spread the word

Nobody wants their friends to know they're shopping at a place that is hard to find and looks questionable, if an impression was even left on them long enough to remember in the first place.

Saves you time

This one is probably the most under rated reason to invest in branding. Once you have that branding guide in your hands, your work load is cut in half. No more agonizing over designs, colors, fonts, or wording. The hard work has already been done and documented for you to reference.

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