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Why Copywriters Are Worth The Investment

I can see it now: you’re sitting down on a Monday morning with a full inbox, client projects, products to package, designs to create, and then you remember that one thing you’ve been putting off - rewriting your website copy.

You know it needs to be updated - it isn’t pulling in the right people. It isn’t doing your visitors any favors.

But how do you even make time to figure that out?

Lucky for you, copywriters fix this FOR you. They will do competitor and keyword research, chat with you to understand your goals, and will craft your messaging based on your actual needs and your brand's personality.

You may be thinking - Emily, can't I just write my own website?

Well, sure you can. But my guess is you'll be staring at a blank page for quite some time before giving up and adding it back onto your to-do list.

Save yourself the time and headache - look into a copywriter. Here's why you won't regret it:

They understand your niche

Most copywriters have specific industries that they tend to work with. Meaning, that they write for your industry day in and day out. They’ve seen it all and know how to write for your niche and audience.

They write specifically to your audience

You’d be surprised how many business owners don’t know their audience. Without a firm grasp of who you’re talking to, nobody is going to hear you. Copywriters have access to the megaphone.

Less is more

A copywriter's job is to make everything easy to understand and quick. You have SECONDS to grab someone's attention and copywriters know how to pull them in before the page is even fully loaded.

They get your site to convert (so you make more money)

Sure, it’s nice to have a pretty message that makes people feel good, but it also needs to sell - that’s the whole point! Balancing feel and function is difficult but your copywriter knows how to build trust and sell in fewer words.

Strategically incorporate keywords

Stuffing your website's home page with random keywords isn’t going to get you very far. Keywords serve a strategic purpose and if not used properly, Google’s sirens will sound, tagging your site or page as sketchy.

They’re quicker than you

Writing for businesses like yours is literally their job. It’s ALL they do. So chances are, they are going to do it much quicker, but with more concentration. You are a business owner - you have so many other things to do. Let us take care of this one for ya.

They keep things consistent

As a business owner, you have access to everything all of the time, which means you’re probably doing a lot of random editing. This leads to inconsistent messaging. Your copywriter will ensure your brand’s voice is consistent throughout. Plus, you paid for it, so why would you go in and change it?

In the time it took you to read this article, you could have reached out to a copywriter. Go ahead, just get the ball rolling so you can check copy off of your to-do list.

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